Protaras is a serene, family-oriented resort neighbouring Cyprus’s party capital, Ayia Napa. Whilst Ayia Napa is geared more towards a younger party crowd, Protaras is the favourite holiday spot of locals island-wide, home to some of the country’s best beaches, including Fig Tree Bay which was voted as one of the world’s best. Truly appreciating the town becomes a lot harder if you choose to not rent a car in Protaras. Read on to find out why renting a car in Protaras is so important.

  • Renting a car in Protaras is the easiest way of exploring the town. As all Cypriots rely on their cars as their primary transportation mode, holidaymakers are also expected to do the same through car hire in Protaras.
  • Protaras is a favourite among holidaymakers around the world in large part due to the sunny weather. The sun and warm temperatures are not so welcome though when travelling around on foot or walking to the closest bus stop, only to enter a bus without air conditioning. Renting a car in Protaras is the best choice when considering your method of transportation.
  • The charming, laid-back approach to everyday life in Protaras is a major reason tourists consider the seaside resort as their ideal holiday destination. When applying the same mindset to public transport, tourists quickly fall out of love with this mentality however! This is why most tourists prefer renting a car in Protaras.
  • Rent a car in Protaras to truly enjoy your holiday: the town’s most spectacular area is undoubtedly the hilltop chapel of Profitis Elias with its enchanting views. Located in a remote area, it cannot be easily reached on foot or by public transport. The Cape Greco National Forest Park, as well as the Venetian Ayia Napa Monastery in the neighbouring Ayia Napa are also must visit sites that cannot easily be accessed without renting a car in Protaras.
  • Pavements in Cyprus are scarce in areas outside of Nicosia, such as Protaras. Although hotels and stores may feature pedestrian paths, these abruptly come to an end a few metres down the road, making for a particularly unpleasant experience for pedestrians. Walking around without a car hire in Protaras is not advised.
  • Cyprus is an extremely vehicle-friendly country, as cars are the primary mode of transportation. Because of this, towns like Protaras were built with cars in mind, disregarding pedestrians as Cypriots simply do not travel on foot. Renting a car in Protaras is the preferred method of transportation for all holidaymakers.
  • Renting a car in Protaras is essential as it permits freedom and flexibility. Your holiday would surely become tiresome if you became dependent on local bus drivers’ relaxed attitudes to time.
  • There’s so much more to see in Cyprus! Although Protaras is the country’s designated holiday capital, if you truly want a genuine glimpse of Cyprus, you must visit the island’s other cities and villages. To do this, car hire in Protaras is essential, as intercity public transport is virtually non-existent on the island.



When renting a car in Protaras, Cyprus, bear in mind that Cypriots drive on the left side of the road and overtake on the right. Several signs appear near the airport and on the motorway to remind you.


Cypriot police are notorious for their speed-monitoring stakeouts and for being partial to strict fines. Holidaymakers who rent a car in Protaras should be aware of the country’s speed limits: 50-65 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h on open roads, and 100 km/h on the motorway.


Although distances in Protaras, Cyprus are very short, all passengers of Protaras car rentals should always wear their seatbelts. This is a requirement by law.


Drivers of car rentals in Protaras should not take calls or text whilst driving, unless their mobile phones are connected to their car via Bluetooth or texts are dictated via speech.


Keep your Protaras car rental parked under the shade to keep it cool.

The Emergency Service Telephone Number in Cyprus is 112.

Be alert when driving your Protaras car rentals in Cyprus, as the islanders are very spirited drivers.

Use extra caution when driving your Protaras car rental on a roundabout, as they are a source of confusion for local drivers.